Boilie ingrediŽnten (engels)

zaterdag 13 februari 2010
…ťn van de meest besproken onderwerpen in karperland is het aas. De aassamenstelling, de gebruikte ingrediŽnten, toevoegingen noem het maar op! Dit artikel kwamen wij tegen op een Engels forum en zet de karpervisser zonder twijfel aan tot nadenken!

Choosing Carp Boilie Ingredients For Great Homemade Baits!

When catching more big carp is your goal it is vital you understand as much as possible about your fish and how they detect bait substances and how to use them to ensure fish want your baits again and again exploiting their own senses and behaviours against them to make them much easier to catch! It seems that when it comes to asking questions about bait, the majority of carp anglers today begin with questions about flavours, ingredients and so on without considering the fact that the true power is in understanding what carp are most sensitive to and why, and how to exploit this knowledge in bait-making to maximum effects! When you realise how much potential power you have over less knowledgeable more ignorant anglers by understanding vital aspects of fish senses, behaviours, substances sensitivities

To begin with, when thinking about bait, why begin with the bait itself? Why not begin with the fish and what they are most sensitive to? When you know and understand what fish are sensitive to you have so much power over them. You can manipulate bait substances and exploit (and even condition) various fish senses against them to make them easier to catch Ė even against better and more experienced anglers!

As I have found in researching for my bait secrets ebooks, the majority of carp anglers in the UK and some other countries where carp fishing has become so commercialised, are dependent on expensive ready made carp boilies, pellets etc. You could say that the bait companies just want that trend to continue so they can extract as much money out of you as possible Ė after all, making customers dependent on products is one of the prime goals of those wanting to make big money but that gives them a huge amount of power over you which perhaps not too many of us can afford these days! When the price of ready made baits is the deciding factor in being able to afford to catch a few fish or even go fishing, you have to begin to wonder about making your own bait at vastly less cost with the chance to catch even more fish using your own baits with all the enormous satisfaction that brings!

So set your own bait budget, cut your costs in advance and not let someone else decide you\íre spending for you Ė and save yourself a genuine fortune! Ready made baits cost so much each year or even per fishing session that undercutting these costs by making your own potent baits is very easy. Of course knowing significant details of things like how and why fish behave in the presence of substances they are sensitive to and so on, and how to exploit such things to get fish hooked on your own unique bait recipes repeatedly again and again is extremely productive!

Avoiding bait making mistakes can be avoided by learning from others who have the long experience over the years to refine their knowledge and bait making methods, thinking and insights etc. My 34 years of homemade carp bait making has gone through many changing levels of experience, feedback and changing awareness but well over 80 percent of all my homemade baits have caught from at least the first cast and mistakes are really only priceless feedback towards even better baits! Certain carp waters demand specific bait alterations because no water or fish stock or ecosystem is necessarily identical, and it is very important to know how to out-fish competing baits by leverage of unique bait substances to achieve extra edges over them in many ways.

Using personal preferences, second or third-hand opinions about baits and flavours etc, and most of all, using your human perceptions of bait substances as a guide to bait making is a common mistake of beginners. Why limit the success of your baits by getting personally involved by second-guessing what carp are sensitive to when you can discover all this in advance of making your baits and be certain all your bait substances in whatever combinations will be most effective? Focus on the fish first and you will think like a fish and not an angler (which is a very severely limited perspective!)

Some really great bait substances are not necessarily effective used on their own in water, but work at their peak in synergistic ways alongside other bait substances to produce maximum effects on fish. Certain bait substances can be termed habit-forming and these do not have to be anything exotic or unusual; I would include essential amino acids and certain non-essential acids in this category. So many carp angler have somehow become conditioned to think that if their bait has very little flavours or smells that they can detect that their bait is going to be less effective, but the truth can very easily be the opposite! In terms of linking fish senses and bait tastes, flavours and aromas for instance, carp can sense substances in solution down to just a few parts in a million and detect subtle energy fields in many ways in effect, so including almost any substance in your bait will be detected to some degree even it you cannot smell it or taste it or even if it is supposedly inert in terms of our comparatively extremely dull human senses!

Carp are such highly evolved creatures able to adapt sensitivity to substances, sense completely new substances in water, identify new food sources and monopolise them to their own benefit. You can condition and train carp just the same as dogs by repetition of positive rewards (using new and thus safer baits.) The carp bait substances you choose literally manipulate their behaviours as they influence which hormones production which forms of physical actions; for instance the filter feeding on dissolved bait substances, or movement towards baited areas following concentration gradients, or intensive competitive feeding and repeated bait consumption. (For more information see my website Baitbigfish, my unique ebooks and biography right now!)

By Tim Richardson.

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