Goliath Tigerfish record

woensdag 20 oktober 2010
De dappere Jeremy Wade, de man die we allemaal uit de bekende serie 'River Monsters' van National Geographic, heeft het voor elkaar gekregen om een Goliath Tigerfish van 100 lbs en 5 voet te vangen in de Congo rivier

'The teeth on it are incredibly sharp and are about the same length as a great white shark.

'It also has an extremely powerful bite and has been known to consume prey the same size as itself, attack people and take pieces out of crocodiles.

'It is thought that these fish attack in a reflex response to a sudden movement or splash.

'It is very rare to catch one, especially by an outsider because they are found in such a remote and difficult location to get to. There are no guides or lodges on that part of the Congo River.'  

Wade revealed he used a sizable catfish as bait for the tigerfish and a 200lbs rod and line.

He said he also took care to stand back from it until it was safely in his landing net.

'It is a very dangerous fish to handle. If you aren't careful it could easily take your finger off or worse,' he added.

Wade, who spent eight days trying to land the fish, said he returned it to the river soon afterwards.

Deze vis ving hij in eerdere afleveringen..

Bron: Dailymail.co.uk