Revenge of carp

woensdag 7 april 2010
Deze aziatische karper was wel heel slim. De vrouw, die het imago van boog-vissen blijkbaar sexy moet maken, krijgt een welverdiende klap in haar gezicht als de karper van de boot schrikt en zichzelf in het gezicht van deze Tomb Raider torpedeert!

Boogvissen is in Amerika een tak van 'sport' die razendsnel in opkomst is. We hebben de Amerikaanse toelichting van de boogvisser er even bij laten staan. Niet omdat wij nu zo lui zijn om het te vertalen, maar gewoon omdat dit veel grappiger is!

Kapow: The tables are turned as Jodi Barnes takes a direct hit in the face

Revenge: Barnes reacts, above and below, after being hit in the face by the flying fish

By providing participants with bows and arrows, Chris Brackett and his team have coined the term ‘extreme aerial bowfishing’ – conducted from a moving speedboat.

But while the sport is rapidly catching on, it is fraught with danger – for the hunters as well as the hunted. Indeed Brackett’s fiancée, Jodi Barnes, was pictured being hit in the face by a flying carp as she prepared to take aim and fire an arrow at it.

While Barnes’ prey managed to score a direct hit against his assailant, it is not known if the flying carp managed to leap back to the safety of the river following the daring move.
Ouch: Barnes winces as the fish disappears from sight after its strike
That's got to hurt: A crew member rushes to help the injured hunter

Taking aim: An 'extreme aerial bowfishing' participant prepares to fire at a flying Asian carp on the Illinois River

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