Secrets to catch even more!

dinsdag 23 maart 2010
Wij kwamen via een Engelse karpervisser op Twitter aan dit artikel! Toch leuk om eens te lezen hoe die Engelsen het nu precies allemaal aanpakken in Frankrijk. 'Carp fishing in France, secrets to catch even more!'

'Carp fishing in France, secrets to catch even more!' 

Numerous carp lakes all over France must be alluring enough for carp anglers all over the world to visit this amazing place. No wonder, it automatically becomes an exciting opportunity for anglers when they find carps weighing more than 40lb in majority in the lakes spreading all over this country.

Carp, though an inactive fish to its core is the master inside its own territory. If you are not really an experienced angler, things can get a bit tough for you. These carps always do all possible things to divert your attention and if you really want an easy catch, try to think seriously on how to trap these. Go through the secrets stated below and find it out yourself.

Search for your carp
Though often ignored, this is one of the most essential tasks that you must complete. Before you actually start fishing, try to locate a place where carps can be found abundantly. It will make your day easier.

Proper location for fishing rod
Fishing rods are one of the most important parts of your fishing kit. Make sure it is well structured and firm enough to hold a heavy fish. Learn how to properly hold it and place in the part of water will numerous carps.

Prepare the bait properly
You must add enough food in the bait so that the fish is engrossed in eating and catching the food. Additionally, with lots of food, chances are thin that the fish will be able to notice the hook. The bait should not be limited to a single ingredient but there must be enough delicious items for a fish that will catch its attraction immediately.

Observe the water properly
You must notice the water you are fishing. Provided you have a careful watch, you will be surprised to see leaping carp even during a rainy or dull day. If you are lucky enough, this will make your day.

Do not be static
Do not stick to a single place while fishing. The shelter you have made must not be that big that it will take half a day to move to a different location. Try to put the rod in different places where carps are seen to make the best out of it.

Adjust yourself
The different lakes all around the France are not the same and they vary from each other. No wonder different factors like makeup of lake, vegetation, nature of lake bed, depth of Lake etc vary from each other. Not surprisingly, the carps also vary. So, same tactics in all the lakes may not work. Adjust yourself according to the condition that you are in.

Remember one thing, along with all these tips, an extra bit of luck may also come handy. When it comes to carp fishing in France, nothing can be guaranteed, but these tips will certainly help you and increase the chances of your success.